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Do I need to have a hangover to order?

No, we like the name and feel it is easy to remember.


Do you raise prices of the menu items?

No. We do not raise the prices of the menu items. Restaurants are given a choice to give us a discount or increase the price to make up for not giving a discount. Keep in mind if the restaurant charges VAT that is included in your price.


When are you open?

Our office opens at 10 am and we take last orders at Midnight. We are now open 7 days a week.


What is the delivery charge?

The delivery charge is 100 baht per restaurant. If you order from one restaurant, the delivery fee is only 100 baht. If you decide to order from two places, the charge will be 200 baht.


Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, the minimum order amount is 300 baht.


What do you mean by average delivery time?

We track all our times, so the time it takes from when you click the order button to when we hand you your food is the time we use to get our average. Bear in mind some things take longer to cook than others, and some of us live pretty far from the restaurant we are ordering from.


What does it mean when a restaurant shows as closed?

It can mean two different things, Either the restaurant is closed or Hangover Samui is closed and not providing deliveries to that restaurant at that time. Either way, if you view the restaurant page, you will see contact information for them. You are more than welcome to contact them directly.


How do I pay for the food?

Currently we only use cash on delivery.


Who do I contact if my food is late or my food is cold?

Please contact us. It is not the fault of the restaurant if your food is "late" or cold. We try our best to time the deliveries so we arrive at the restaurant just as your order is finished cooking. We have very nice insulated bags to carry the food in.


Can I tip my delivery driver?

You are more than welcome to tip your driver, they keep 100% of the tip you give them.


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