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Top Ten Bars and Pubs in Koh Samui

Top Ten Bars and Pubs in Koh Samui

The night beckons a period of time when all you want to do is relax, enjoy yourself and make the fatigue of the day go away. With a cool drink in one hand, you relax into your surroundings and take in the breathtaking scenery around you. On a tropical location, you indulge in unfamiliar blends of drinks, exploring how locals drink with your taste buds and trying out new flavors. As a prime holiday destination for people spanning diverse age groups, Koh Samui plays host to some of the most cosmopolitan crowds in nightclubs. The large beach front in a prime location for various clubs, bars and pubs, and you are sure to find prime locations at competitive prices should you choose to come here.

The most popular place to party in Koh Samui, is of course Chaweng. A destination where both tourists and locals flock, it is a good place to inter mingle while having a good time. Other places you can look at for a pleasant time in the night are Lamai, Bophut and Maenam, where each of these have hotspots of night life, each influenced by their locality. The prevalence of nightclubs suggests the presence of an active night life, and that is indeed true. People from all age groups venture out into the night, especially on Fridays and weekends. While different age groups have different locations that they prefer to visit, the key is that they all make it a point to indulge in the local night life. The tropical beaches, soothing climate, local foods and flavors all entice the senses and make people want to join the pouring crowds into having a good time.

The range of clubs and bars available makes for a plethora of choices that can leave you feeling confused about where you want to go. There are various choices to be made, such as whether you want to go to a classic, old pub already well renowned as an establishment, or whether you prefer one of the more recent corporate forays turned successes in the nightlife business. While the kind of drinks you get are similar across various locations, with traditional fares such as beer, hard alcohol, cocktails and mocktails available everywhere, some locations also have their signature blends. Quite a few places also serve quality food to go with their drinks, making for an all around comfortable experience for guests. But what really makes a nightclub stand out are the location, the themes they express, their customer service, internal ambiance and whether they have competitive prices or not. It is a combination of good alcohol and a good ambiance that really makes the difference between a good club or a bar and a bad one. 

What are the best bars and clubs in Koh Samui?

Nothing suits a drink better than a wonderful scenery to go with it. Add to the mix wonderful music, a lively crowd and good food on the side, and you have all the makings of a wonderful evening ahead. Koh Samui is the perfect location to let loose the party animal inside of you. Lose your reservations, find that perfect place for you to experience. And the best part is, thanks to the range and variety in Koh Samui, you never have to worry about visiting the same place twice. You can party at a new destination every night and still have options to choose from, even weeks into your adventure. But which are the places that really stand out from the crowd? Not all the bars and clubs are perfect, and many of them are not exactly places you want to be. Loud music, cheap lights and bad food could make you turn away, but not all clubs work to establish a standard. In order to ensure that you know exactly where to go when you go to Koh Samui, we have put together a list of the top ten bars and clubs in Koh Samui.

  1. Coco Tams: A popular destination located just outside of the Wharf Samui, this place regularly draws in an eclectic crowd that knows how to have a good time. The ambiance makes full use of the tropical atmosphere, with most of it being open air, with a few places with palm thatched roofs. The place also features bean bags under the air, swing sets, cabanas, shisha, and even a large projector screen for those special evenings. You can find the usual array of drinks here, such as beers and whiskey. They also serve cocktails based on the tropical theme. A range of twenty eight drinks are served in jar like glasses. One of their signature mixes, the Dark Passion makes use of vodka, passion fruit and watermelon juice to create flavors that explode in the mouth.
  2.  Street Bar: A location that stands out based more on their appearance along with the quality of products and service, this location is a unique addition to anyone’s destination list. Built on a waste ground and utilizing corrugated iron and recycled wood in the design aesthetics, it proves that you do not have to be a high end location to be successful. Using various assorted items resembling antiques and knick knacks of the olden times, the addition of live music makes this location shine. Run by an elderly couple who provide exemplary service, On Street Bar is an experience that makes itself known based purely on its originality.
  3. Soi Green Mango: Named after The Green Mango Club located just down the street, this bar is a popular name for anyone looking for the ideal night life experience. Combining affordable drinks with quality music, this location attracts a lovely clientele that make the location sparkle and give off a vibe of fun and excitement. The usual varieties of drinks are available here, and you can easily find yourself dancing the night away to wine or whiskey.
  4. Ark Bar: An extremely popular destination to add to your list, no night life experience is Koh Samui is complete without a trip to the Ark Bar. With delicious food and tongue tingling drinks on offer, this location serves as the perfect holiday destination for any serious party goer. They have three hundred rooms available for anyone that needs it, and a good way to begin your night here is to get yourself a room at the back of the resort. That way you ensure that even after the night ends in the early hours of the morning, you either have a place to rest your tired head, or you can continue partying in the convenience of your room. Many people choose to do just that as they party through the night. The Ark Bar also features beach front restaurants, three swimming pools as well as two swim up bars. For an all around experience in high class entertainment, the Ark Bar is the ultimate destination.
  5. Legends Bar: A place meant for legends, this bar plays music encompassing different genres from the last five years. Not only is their music for everybody, but their use of a happy hour twenty four seven ensures that the prices are affordable. A destination where competitive prices meet delicious concoctions here, an example of which is their toblerone signature blend. They also make cocktails using delicious local fruits, such as the Lycheeky using lychees or the Samui Passion using passion fruit. The food here is also exemplary, and you can try delicious dishes such as the chicken wings, chips made right at home, a variety of Thai curries such as the red curry with prawns or the green curry with beef, and much more.
  6. Bar Ice: A unique themed location that utilizes an interior covered entirely in ice, customers here have the opportunity of experiencing temperatures down to minus seven degrees. Ice statues grace the table, making for wonderful photographic memories. They also offer an affordable package, where buying three drinks makes your entry free. Arctic style coats can be provided to make the experience feel more authentic. If you feel too cold, then there is a beautiful garden where you can enjoy your drinks. A family friendly venue, children come here as well.
  7. Q Bar: Located on the hillside, this is an exclusive bar that offers idyllic views of Chaweng Lake. There are two levels catering both to early evening as well as late night customers. A lounge bar on the upper level utilizes sophisticated designs for a crowd that prefer a quiet ambiance with their drinks. An electro bar downstairs
    features ultra modern designs and the latest music to attract a lively, fun loving crowd.
  8. Nikki Beach: Run by the world famous Nikki Group, the Lipq Noi venue was opened in 2009. A prime destination for the young and wealthy, powerful music combine with a resort atmosphere for fun times all around. Known for their entertainment, they also have a fashion resort wear for those who want to take a part of their experience home.
  9. Drink Gallery: A unique environment that features a likeness to an art gallery, here you can wine and dine among artistic marvels. With delicious cocktails and a unique ambiance, this place regularly draws in crowds. A signature restaurant of The Library Samui, the place is upscale and the drinks are more towards the expensive side. A must try here is their apple crumb martini, a drink that elevates the traditional martini to new heights. Do not worry about the high prices, as the experience more than makes up for it.
  10. Coast Beach Club and Bistro: A location that is known not just for their drinks, but for their food as well, this is a must visit. They also have a buffet system for hungry souls. Recommended here are their pizzas as well as their black truffle risotto. With a wine cellar having more than a hundred labels, the drinks here are polished and sophisticated. For desserts, you can always go for one of their delicious sorbets. Indulge in the wonderful sweetness as it adds unique flavors to your drinks. 

Having a good time requires having a good place to indulge yourself. Koh Samui offers variety in locations, drinks and food, all based around a fun and endearing tropical climate. When you go to a bar or a club in Koh Samui, you are bound to make new friends and broaden your horizons. So grab a cool drink, take in the beach, and liven it up.

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