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Top Italian Restaurants In Koh Samui

Top Italian Restaurants In Koh Samui

Don’t be disappointed if you suddenly find yourself having a craving for Italian food in Koh SamuiKoh Samui, like other parts of Thailand, has several good restaurants serving varied cuisine. You will find many Italian cafes and bistros dotting the island city. They will be more than successful in fulfilling your craving for gnocchi and spaghetti. 

Be it a multi-cuisine restaurant or one exclusively serving Italian fare – you will find many food joints serving pasta and gelatos. Just because you are in Thailand, does not mean that you have to have Thai for every meal. 

Koh Samui receives tourists from every part of the world and Italians make up a sizeable chunk of these incoming tourists. So, it’s little wonder that many small restaurants here and there serve up Italian food, that seems homely and authentic, to even these visitors passing by. After all, people leave their influences behind when they travel to new places. Both the tourist and the tourism destination is changed, after the encounter. 

Italian food is dear to people of many nationalities, not just born and bred Italians. And who can say no to a dish of wholesome meatball lasagna? Let’s not even start with pizzas. Pizzas are possibly one of the most favored fast food in the whole world.

In this article, we discuss the best Italian restaurants you can find in Koh Samui. Some of these restaurants even provide delivery service. So you can avail pizza or food delivery when you’d much rather lounge in your hotel room.

Best Italian Restaurants Koh Samui

Want to treat yourself to some authentic spaghetti aglio olio and tiramisu? Here’s where you should go if you are in Koh Samui –

1. Prego

Opened in 2013, Prego is now recognized as one of Samui’s best Italian restaurants. It uses the freshest ingredients and the best Italian recipes available to provide you with authentic and delectable Italian dishes. They also pair your food choices with suitable wines, providing a complete Italian fine dining experience. 

When in Prego, don’t forget to order the following dishes – apple pie, black truffle mash potato, and eggplant parmigiana. They also serve wood-fired pizzas. You can choose from their designated toppings or make your own pizza by choosing your own toppings. 

Unlike other Italian restaurants in Koh Samui, Prego is reasonably priced, but you will never notice any difference in the quality of food served. Prego is tastefully decorated and will make for a pleasing dinner outing. However, if you happen to be tired or unwilling to leave your hotel, you can always avail their delivery service and enjoy food delivery.

2. Pizza del Sol

You cannot quench your pizza craving in Koh Samui without a visit to this charming pizzeria in Lamai. Pizza del Sol serves freshly baked pizzas for very affordable pricing. The relaxed and carefree ambiance provides a beautiful place to unwind after a long day pub-hopping/shopping in the island city. 

If you are looking for pizza delivery, you must order the Quattro formaggi. Even the smoked salmon pizza is worth sampling! If you are looking for Italian food delivery and not merely pizza delivery, you could try out their cold cuts and bruschettas.

 However, availing their delivery service will mean that you miss out on the heavenly chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream that they serve there. It’s gooey, rich, and perfection in a mouthful.

3. Duomo

Are you looking for pizza delivery in Cheweng, Koh Samui? Duomo’s got you covered. The restaurant serves a range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian pizzas and pasta. Besides authentic Italian food, Duomo also serves delicious Italian wines. Besides pizzas, you can try their risottos, cheese platters and salads. The prices might seem a little steep at first, but we assure you, the portion and taste will change your mind.

4. Marzano Pizzeria

Marzano Pizzeria is widely considered to be the best pizza place in the city. It makes its pizza using fresh vegetables, savory meat, and homemade cheese. 

Marzano is devoted to crafting Neapolitan pizza. The bread used for their pizza base is baked daily, and the meat is imported and handpicked by the chef. 

Locals and tourists equally vouch for the taste of Marzano’s pizzas. If you too want a taste of these unique handcrafted pizzas, call up Marzano’s pizza delivery service and enjoy what only Marzano has to offer!

5. Dr. Frogs

Dr. Frogs serves an all-day menu, by the beach. Do you wish to enjoy a peaceful lunch session while looking over the ocean? Dr. Frogs is the place for you. The eatery is renowned for its original take on pizzas. At Dr. Frogs, you will find pizzas that you won’t anywhere else. It is because they use their own recipes and ingredients. 

Order their White Pizza with Phuket Lobster, onions, tomatoes and sun-dried rucola salad or try out their Pizza Tartufata with fresh mozzarella, smoked pancetta, plum tomato sauce, and truffle oil. 

If you happen to be in Koh Samui, make sure you swing by Dr. Frogs for a meal. Even if you can’t, call up their delivery service and avail pizza delivery. You can’t come to Koh Samui and miss Dr. Frog’s pizzas.

6. Pepenero

Italian food aficionados must visit or order food from Pepenero, when in Koh Samui. The joint in Bophut serves some incredible bruschetta with creamy burrata. Both the bread and cheese used are impeccable. You will find both comfort food and refined Italian classics on the menu. The gnocchi and lasagna served here are near-perfect too. 

On a vegan diet? Don’t worry; they will have your Italian staples customized. The food served here attempts to mimic the taste of authentic homemade food. The prices are reasonable too. If you happen to be located in or around Bophut and would like yourself a bowl of soulful meatball lasagna, you know where to call. 

Pepenero offers food delivery for its customers in Bophut, so they can enjoy food from their kitchen no matter where they are.

7. Olivio

If you want to be a little adventurous, you should visit Olivio. Olivio serves Italian food with a Thai twist. The Thai influence comes in with the Thai chefs who cook and serve you the Italian dishes. Some of the offerings from their menu are – pumpkin soup with cream cheese, calzone pizzas, and homemade fettucine served with salmon and saffron cream sauce. 

Olivio’s uses fresh ingredients and spins out Italian dishes with a twist. If you are not averse to experimenting with your food, Olivio’s could be the place for you. The restaurant is decorated to mimic a Sicilian trattoria. Unlike the restaurants mentioned above, Olivio needs to be experienced first-hand. 

Sure, you can avail their delivery service and order food from their menu to your hotel room. However, the experience won’t entirely be the same. 

8. Baci Italian Restaurant Pizzeria

If you feel like ordering for pizza delivery in Koh Samui but have special dietary requirements, call Baci Italian Restaurant Pizzeria. They provide pizzas for people who’ve gone vegan and gluten-free too. You can avail pizza delivery, but pizzas are not the only food item on offer here. 

The seafood black risotto, carpaccio, cold cuts, and salads are all notable mentions. Don’t miss out the ravioli and margherita pizza. Also, the crabmeat fettuccine, chocolate fondant cake, and tiramisu are quite irresistible too. The desserts served at Baci’s is just as good as the main course. 

You won’t have a problem satisfying your Italian food cravings in Koh Samui

Koh Samui, as you can see from the list above, has many Italian restaurants. While some of them specialize in pizzas, others serve up the whole gamut of Italian cuisine. You could be craving for wood-fired pizzas and still be able to have them satisfied at Koh Samui. Why not? 

Pizzas and pasta are popular the world over and command a devoted fan following. Thai people like their Italian just as much as Italians like Thai food. So, it’s only natural that Koh Samui, Thailand will have restaurants serving Italian dishes. 

It doesn’t matter if you want pasta, cold cuts, salads or risottos – restaurants in Koh Samui are equipped to help. In fact, some of these restaurants provide the entirety of an Italian fine dining experience with food-wine pairings. You can enjoy course meals at these restaurants or order a platter of cold-cuts to go with your Shiraz. 

While some of these restaurants may be on the expensive side, not all of them are. You will find some very affordably priced food on a handful of their menus. If you don’t want to go out and sit down for an elaborate dinner and would much rather get food delivery, you can do so. 

Most of these restaurants provide delivery service. You can rest assured and order in your favorite Italian dishes. After all, ordering Italian food need not refer to pizza delivery. Italian cuisine is rich and expansive. You will be spoilt for choice! Don’t forget to order yourself desserts while you are at it. Very few people can make sweets the way Italians can! 

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