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Top 10 Delivery Restaurants In Koh Samui

Top 10 Delivery Restaurants In Koh Samui

Vacationing in Koh Samui and want to try out restaurants you’ve been recommended by friends and well-wishers? You should! But it’s not always possible to eat out night and day. Even if you do manage to pull off such a thing, some days you’ll just wish you could order in food from the hotel’s kitchen and be done with it. What if you could enjoy delicious Thai food from these to-go restaurants from the comforts of your hotel room? We’ve compiled a list to tell you that you can. 

In this article, we discuss 10 of the best restaurants in Koh Samui, which offers delivery service. So, if one day, you’d much rather eat some Thai in your sweatpants, you totally can! All you need to do is contact these below restaurants for food or pizza delivery and you’re good. Koh Samui food delivery restaurants offer delicious cuisine from all over the world. You can enjoy more than just Thai cuisine when you avail the delivery service from these restaurants.

Detailed below are restaurants in Koh Samui which provide not only good food but also commendable food delivery service. The cuisines on offer in these restaurants range from local to international. There’s also fusion food- for those who prefer experimenting. 

Koh Samui has a diverse and delicious culture of food. So, you can rest assured that the food here will not disappoint you. It is hub or partying and nightlife. Individuals who go to full moon parties or throng the night markets may not always have the energy or time to travel all the way to must-go restaurants. 

Koh Samui brings these must-go restaurants to them via food delivery service. They no longer have to worry about missing out one thing because they chose another. They can take their time browsing through the city’s nightlife and then come back home to order food from any of these places listed below. These restaurants are some of the best in all of Koh Samui. Also, their food delivery service is quick and efficient. 

Best delivery restaurants in Koh Samui

Babu’s Indian Hot Restaurant – Babu’s Indian Hot Restaurant in Mae Nam Beach serves Indian meals. You can find vegan and gluten-free options on the menu too. It won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017-2019, and customers of the restaurant even lauded its exceptional taste and good portions. They also find the restaurant to be quite affordable, and the staff to be polite and attentive. If you crave some tandoori food but don’t want to leave your hotel and venture out, contact Babu’s Indian Hot Restaurant and ask for their food delivery menu. The food from Babu’s is worth trying out!

Akbar Indian and Thai Restaurant – Akbar Indian and Thai Restaurant, Bophut serves halal and vegan-friendly food besides your regular Indian lunch/dinner. It is the winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016-2019. Another of Koh Samui’s affordably priced good quality Indian food restaurant. Customers vouch for the taste of the food served here and the staff greeting they receive. Akbar’s is a family-run enterprise, and the owner of the restaurant hails from India, himself. If you happen to be near Bophut but do not feel like going down to the restaurant for dinner, you can simply ring up Akbar Indian and Thai Restaurant and avail their delivery service.

Roman Restaurant and BarRoman Restaurant and Bar in Mae Nam village serves the Mediterranean and Turkish fare. TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner 2015-2019, Roman serves some of the best kebabs one can find in all of Koh Samui! Customers can testify for how delicious the Turkish and mezze food served here is. The service, too, is commendable. 

Aromi DiversiAromi Diversi in Koh Samui mainly serves Italian and North-Italian cuisine. It also serves Ligurian, Contemporary, and Pizzas as part of its menu offerings. You can avail vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals here. The joint won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016-2019. You will miss out the beachfront seating at this place if you decide to opt for food or pizza delivery from here. Nonetheless, the food is as authentic as it gets and will more than make up for the ambiance you’ll be missing. Italian customers have been shocked at how authentically Italian the food served here is! The gnocchi, especially, is to-die-for.

Mr. Eung Restaurant – Mr. Eung Restaurant in Bophut comes highly rated. It won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award 2017-2019. The seafood, Asian, and Thai cuisine restaurant will also provide you with vegan and gluten-free options if you want. The Thai food in this restaurant comes highly recommended. The food and service provided here are exceptional. If you wish to have Thai for lunch and would much rather eat inside your hotel room, call Mr. Eung Restaurant’s delivery service and have your lunch cravings sorted.

Olive Tree Greek RestaurantOlive Tree Greek Restaurant in Cheweng is another must-try restaurant which provides food delivery. You can order Mediterranean and Greek food from here. The friendly staff makes eating out here an enjoyable experience. However, it is the food that makes Olive Tree restaurant as popular as it is. Greek food in Thailand? Your concerns are not unwarranted. But don’t dismiss, Olive Tree Greek restaurant until you’ve tried their food. Individuals on vegan and gluten-free diets can ask for their orders to be tailored accordingly.

Phensiri Thai Restaurant – Phensiri Thai Restaurant in Cheweng, Koh Samui serves Asian and Thai cuisine. Certificate of Excellence Winner 2015-2019 from TripAdvisor, you can call to avail Phensiri’s food delivery service. Phensiri’s food is simple and traditional that you won’t regret ordering.

Stop at Sopa – Stop at Sopa is an Asian, Thai, and soup place that provides food delivery. Certificate of Excellence Winner, TripAdvisor – 2015-2019, here too, you can avail vegan and gluten-free meal options. The food served here is fresh and heartwarming. The staff is attentive, and the prices are quite affordable.

BasilicomBasilicom in Cheweng is primarily a bar and fast food joint. If you’d like to order in local snacks from your hotel, call up Basilicom’s dependable food delivery service. Besides fast food, the place also serves Israeli, Mediterranean and Asian meals. Basilicom will also tailor your menu for you if you instruct them on your food preferences. Customers go gaga about the food here. Basilicom comes highly recommended anytime you are in Koh Samui.

Aroma BoutiqueAroma Boutique in Bophut is a deli-cum-café serving Italian/international food. It also contains vegan meal options on its menu. As the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015-2019 winner, customers love the desserts here. When in Koh Samui, stop by for coffee at Aroma Boutique. If you are short on time, however, you can always call them for pizza delivery and sample their delicious desserts!

Ordering from a food delivery service may not be what you’d anticipated while on vacation. But there are many reasons why sometimes traveling to a restaurant may not be possible. You could be tired after a long day of sightseeing, feeling under the weather or simply not wanting to brave the traffic to commute all the way to a restaurant and that’s okay. 

Koh Samui has many restaurants which provide food delivery. You could be craving Indian, Thai or Mediterranean and you’d easily find a restaurant that delivers catering the cuisine you want. 

In this article, we have discussed some of the best delivery restaurants in Koh Samui. Most of these restaurants are located in the Cheweng and Bophut area. So, if your hotel sits in the same area, all your gastronomic needs are sorted. 

Similarly, sometimes people travel to Koh Samui and Thailand for work purposes or a short period. These individuals might know which restaurants in Koh Samui serve good food and have delivery service, which is largely beneficial in such cases. As discussed above, most of the restaurants on the list above serve vegan-friendly and gluten-free meals. They have also been ranked by TripAdvisor and won Certificate of Excellence from the website. 

We recommend you come and try out the above restaurants and pubs on the list, when in Koh Samui. If you are unable to visit in person, for any reason, try getting food delivery. That way, even though you will miss out on the ambiance of the place, you will still have sampled the major offerings from them – the food. 

Don’t restrict yourself to only Thai food when in Thailand. Thailand has assimilated influences from all the travelers that come visiting from across the globe. Restaurants and cafes have opened up to cater to members of every race and country in Thailand. You can find some excellent Indian, Mediterranean, and even Italian food in Thailand, besides the traditional local cuisine.

I hope we were able to help. After all, we understand the grief of missing out on restaurants we plan to eat out at when on a leisure trip. In Koh Samui, you may never have to experience that grief at all – these restaurants and their delivery service won’t let you!

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